Vision Statement

By [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Create a better future for civilization through big innovation.

We’re committed to creating a better future for civilization through big innovation.  Our goal is to serve the innovators of the world, to help them help us all.  Whether you’re an architect, engineer, a weekend doodler, or just have an idea you think could make the world better, we want to help you polish your ideas and bring them to life.

Unlike other organizations, we’re focused on big ideas which can have big impacts.  Instead of working on an idea to improve cars, we’d work on ideas for new types of transportation without cars; instead of trying to feed the homeless, we’ll investigate ideas for different systems where no one goes homeless.  Big ideas like these may seem virtually impossible to achieve, but there are countless examples of humanity achieving what would have seemed impossible before it happened.

From building the great pyramid over 4000 years ago to building a half mile tall tower, from filling cities with tens of millions of people to people living 250 miles above the earth, humans have historically pushed the boundaries of our world and we’re only getting better at it. The great pyramid took between 10-20 years, but the Burj Khalifa tower, more than 5 times taller, took just 5 years. Organizations working on immediate issues are important, but it’s the big ideas which will truly shape our future.

Also check out our Mission Statement and FAQs for more information.

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