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Mission Statement

Encourage and support large scale, long goal, achievable innovation for improving civilization

Our mission is to encourage and support large scale, long goal, achievable innovation for improving civilization.  We focus on big ideas to solve important or difficult problems and generally improve civilization.  We participate at all stages of innovation, including ideation, validation, and dispersion.

Encouragement and support of innovation includes things like traditional grants, focused innovation competitions, hosted workshops and studies, developing new tools for innovation, and incubating more focused innovative organizations. Innovation should always be rooted in what’s possible and traceable to core needs. That said, it’s expected that long goal innovation may not be immediately achievable and could take significant time and problem solving to fully develop. Because of the considerable effort required, it’s important that innovation focus on things which can serve the masses instead of just the few.

To be clear, focusing on big ideas doesn’t mean ignoring smaller innovations, which may pave the way for larger innovation, or favoring overly complex solutions when a simpler one would suffice. Instead, focusing on big ideas means encouraging out of the box thinking instead of incremental improvements. Because ideas have little value as just theories, it’s important to also focus on how they can be implemented, and more importantly if they can successfully accomplish their goals. Most importantly, once an idea has been validated and can be implemented, it needs to be made accessible to anyone who wants and needs it.

Also check out our Vision Statement and FAQs for more information.

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