Collaboration Tree

By Jeff Kubina (kubina) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via

The Collaboration Tree (cTree) is a new web platform being developed by our organization which will facilitate focused collaborative innovation.  In other words, it will allow a large number of people to contribute to a design with specific goals.  For our purposes we’ll be using the framework to design a better future, but we’ll also make it freely available for use on other smaller projects.  The source code will be freely available in the hopes that developers will expand and contribute back to the project and continually improve it.

The reason we call it a tree is because by default it will be organized based on the parts of a tree, starting with the core goals as seeds and eventually expanding out to separate branches, which can be completely separate areas of design.  To be clear, when we say design we’re not just talking about visual design, we’re talking about everything from coming up with ideas for solving a problem to the exact specification of how to implement the idea.  The goal is to end up with the optimal blueprint which accomplishes the core goals.

If you’re interested helping us develop or test the Collaboration Tree framework become a member or check out our demo site project on GitHub.  There’s no cost to membership and you’ll be part of an exciting and innovative community.

To find answers to frequent questions about the Collaboration Tree check out our FAQ page.

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