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    Vision Statement

    Create a better future for civilization through big innovation. We’re committed to creating a better future for civilization through big innovation.  Our goal is to serve the innovators of the world, to help them help us all.  Whether… Read More

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    Collaboration Tree

    A community discussion platform built for maximum insight with minimum oversight The Collaboration Tree (cTree) is a new web platform being developed by our organization which will facilitate focused collaborative innovation.  In other words, it will allow a large… Read More


Welcome to the official website for the Foundation For an Innovative Future. Our goal is to create a better future for civilization through big innovation.  We do this by supporting big ideas and developing new ways to nurture and implement them. Our first project is the Collaboration Tree, which will enable globally collaborative innovation.  At this point we’re still building the organization and the Collaboration Tree, so if you’d like to help please consider becoming a member: it’s easy, free, and a great way to connect with other talented people!

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Advisers Wanted

We’re looking for advisers across all disciplines to provide their expert opinions and insights.  While traditional nonprofit, business, legal, and promotional input is always helpful, other backgrounds like manufacturing, architecture, and engineering are also important.  Even if you’re not… Read More

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Programmers Needed

We welcome anyone interested in participating, but with the Collaboration Tree (cTree) framework getting started we especially need people to help on the technical side.  Anyone with programming experience should be able to help, but programmers with web development… Read More

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